Carolyn and Bill: Azilda Engagement Session

Now Carolyn and Bill are a couple that have been together for a long time (according to Carolyn)  ;)
and where finally going to make it official.  I know Carolyn because we play Roller Derby for the same league, Greater Sudbury Roller Derby. Now you might think that means I know Bill as well but you would be wrong.  Husbands and partners quickly become Derby Widows. We spend so much time and energy on Roller Derby that they get stuck at home watching kids and pets and wondering what we are up to.  So when I finally got to meet Bill it was Easy to see why Carolyn was marrying him. He was handsome and had a great sense of humour AND he put up with Carolyn's other love Roller Derby.
    I took them to White Water Park in Azilda to do their Engagement Photographs.  It was dusk and I hadn’t been thinking about bugs, I was obsessed with the light at this time of day, Oh my how its my favourite time of day to take portraits.  The light is warm and romantic, see how I go off on a tangent. Lol   Ok so we go trekking up the hill in the park and the bugs are swarming everywhere. They are all over us and flying all over. It was so bad that No one wanted to talk, I could barely get Carolyn and Bill to smile because of the fear of getting bugs in their teeth.   Now when I head out at that time of day I always remind my couples to wear one of those Raid clip on Bug repellant thingies. It was brutal to say the least, However their photographs where worth it.  Here are a few of them.


Michelle and Trevor: Engagement Photos at Whitewater Park in Azilda

Michelle is one of the Happiest people I have ever met. Everytime I see her she has a huge smile on her face.  When ever she sees me in town she always makes sure to come up and say hi and also to make sure she introduces me as her Photographer to everyone around. LOL  That is just one of the things that  makes working with her and her family so much fun.  Her little girls are adorable and sassy at the same time.  This Portrait session was Michelle and Trevors Engagement Session and they wanted to include their girls so I said sure bring them along. Well I guess the girls understood that this was Their photoshoot. LOL   They had all of their own poses picked out and everything.  I had so much fun with these guys, They even brought props that suited their personalities.  Trevor even kept his sense of humour when he nearly choked to death on a bug LOL.  This goes back to the bug hazard from my previous blog post.  Seriously why are the bugs so bad this year? Anyways back on track here are a few shots from this Engagement Session shot in Azilda.