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Carole's Beautiful Maternity Session

I am trying a more glamorous way of photographing the beauty of Pregnant Women. It is such a beautiful time in a woman’s life.  You are growing a new person inside of you. A person who will grow up to have their own voice, thoughts and feelings.  You have such a bond to this helpless little being that depends on you for everything to survive. You are their protector, nurturer, teacher and most importantly their mummy. Our Children will cherish the images of their mothers forever.  When you take that beauty and try to incorporate all of that anticipation, hope, and excitement and most importantly love into an image this in my opinion, is what you come up with and why we as mothers NEED to exist in photographs for our children.

Here are a few Photographs from Carole’s Maternity Portrait Session. 


Sudbury Maternity Photography Session

I have seriously been neglecting my blog again LOL.  But here are a few shots from a Maternity Session that I did back in December.  I plan on catching up on some of my more recent Sessions in blog posts over the next few weeks. 

This is Mark and Jess.  Kind of Local Celebrities here in Sudbury if you are into the music scene. Mark is a vocalist and guitar player in the Band OX and has a regular segment on Points North with Jason Turnbull Jess fills in for him when he is out of town touring. Jess runs an AMAZING little Bakery called Oh My Bakeshop her vegan, GMO free cupcakes are to die for.

I got to know this lovely couple through my husbands addiction to Vinyl.  Mark owns Cosmic Daves Vinyl Emporium the BEST Record Store in Sudbury in my opinion.  So I thought it was natural to incorporate the store in their Maternity Photography Session.  Not to mention that every time I go to that store I tell them I have to shoot something in the store because the light is so Awesome.  So I finally got my chance to shoot there. We sort of squeezed the session in last minute.  Jess gave birth the next day to a beautiful baby boy. I will introduce him in my next blog post  of their Newborn Photography Session.

So enough of my Rambling  here are a few shots from the Maternity Session.