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Get your own Celebrity Style Portrait! 

I’ve recently started Photographing an alternative to Boudoir Photography. It’s in the Glamour Genre, but not those awful photographs from the 90’s with popped collars, teased hair and boas. You all remember those don’t you? LOL   I’m taking it in a more contemporary direction. I am photographing women how I would love to be photographed.  I flip through Vanity Fair on a regular basis, It’s one of my favorite Magazines because of the Portraits, I rarely read an article in the magazine but the pages are always dog eared. I just love the colour, style and feel of the photography in the magazine. I would LOVE to have a portrait of myself like them.  So I decided to try my hand at a style of photography that I have drooled over for years. Guess what Ladies?  You can now have your very own Contemporary Beauty portrait!  Bring a friend, get your hair and make-up done share some snacks and champagne and have your very own Portrait Session I promise you’ll feel like a celebrity! Make sure you make plans for the evening because you are going to look Fabulous!  I welcome all women! You deserve a Portrait that you love. Call to book today!


Fletchers One Year Portrait Session

I love it when a family asks you to come back time and again to photograph their family.  Its an honor to be a part of watching their children grow and develop their own personalities. When you have this type of a relationship with your families they are more comfortable in front of the camera because you have a connection with them. The deeper that connection the better your photographs will be. That connection enables me to catch those fleeting moments when a persons true personality shows itself in a little smirk or in a gesture. When you capture personalityin an image you create a truly treasured Photograph.  So here are some moments from my Session with the Loken Family.