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Sudbury LIving Bridal Show!

As most of you know, I am always in attendance at this AMAZING Bridal Show.  It is always well organized with the Brides in mind. So this year I've decided to run a bunch of contests leading up to the Sudbury Living Bridal Show. The first Contest was a Facebook Contest where all you had to do to enter was like my page and Share the poster for the Sudbury Living Bridal Show. I will be announcing the lucky winner tonight at 9pm. The prizes will only get bigger the closer we get to the show. So make sure you "Like" my Facebook Page to stay ontop of all of the Craziness surrounding the Wedding Show.

Click here to Register for the Sudbury LIving Bridal Showcase while you are there make sure to check out all of the great things they have planned for you this year. Make sure to tell every newly engaged couple about how they need to be at this show! Also make sure to check out the Sudbury Wedding Assosciation it full of helpful information by local vendors.


Absolute Weddings Bridal Show September

Wow!!! What a Blast!  I LOVE doing these shows, You get to meet and talk to so many wonderful people. 
Brides, their families,friends and the Groom to be.  The Energy in the room is Amazing! All of the Excitement of Planning a wedding multiplied by every bride in the room.  Add the Excitement and Passion of the Vendors and watch the sparks fly!  To give you an idea of the love an excitement that was in the air I caught sight of Bill Mc Elree and his wife dancing on the fashion show runway.

As a Vendor it is a great time to talk and show your new ideas and vision for the year with the Brides but it is also a great way to see what else is going on in the Wedding Industry around Sudbury.
This year I met some new Vendors that have Awesome ideas I will list a couple here.

Eye Candy Photobooth   What an Awesome Add on for your Day!  Imagine the fun your Guests will have!

Royal Signature   They make incredible Chocolate shooters, Brownies, other baked goods and A Candy Bar!

Here are a few of my favorite highlights of the day. 

Getting to talk shop with a few of the other local photographers and watching their light hearted teasing about whos booth was better between Mike at Pixatron and Dave Rollins. Its things like this that let me know that in Sudbury the vendors seem to be like family.

The Wonderful Dresses in the Fashion show, Along with all of the beautiful models.

My favorite however was during the few minutes after the last fashion show.  I walked into the hallway on my way back to my booth. As I was passing the Absolute Weddings booth there was a crowd gathering, Both Brides and Vendors.  They were all watching his LMFAO Party Rock Wedding video.  They were all so incredibly impressed they were all chatting among themselves asking questions and talking about how Awesome a Video it was.  I looked over and saw Bill standing and watching Im sure he heard all of the compliments and excitement coming from the crowd because the look of pride and happiness on his face was priceless. It was one of those moments where you got a glimpse into his true love for his job.  I just hope all of those brides standing there saw it too because that is the type of Vendor you want working for you on your wedding day. I can only hope to show my Passion as openly and freely as him.

So to wrap things up, The show was a huge success as always, Sudbury is lucky to have so many Great, Passionate Vendors to Serve you on your wedding day.  When planning your wedding you need not look any further than an Abolute Weddings Bridal Show They have it all!  I look forward to the next show in January, I hope to see a whole group of New Faces along with some old Friends.  So here are a few Pictures from the day.