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Sudbury Living Bridal Show 

WOW! That was a Very Busy day.  I met soo many excited brides on Saturday at the Unitied Steel Workers Hall It reinvigorates me for the next season.  I cant wait to get started on all of the Boudoir Sessions I booked from my show special. There are going to be a lot of lucky guys out there in the near future lol.  So I just thought I would post a picture of my booth from the show.  Happy Planning!  Remember Im willing to travel outside of Sudbury and all of my packages include a Hard Covered Art Style Album!  I look forward to meetings over the next few days.


Jenn & Waynes Wedding in Whitefish


Here are a few Words about the couple Jenn and Wayne.  I dont think I've ever seen a couple laugh so much on their Wedding day.  Wayne has a smile that could light up the darkest room. Jenn is slightly more reserved but you see the look of love and Happiness spread across her face everytime She looks at him.  Dont get me wrong she has a lovely smile as well but I dont know many smiles like Waynes as you will see. There is so much love between these two you can feel it when you look at their Wedding Images.  They were a lovely couple to work with. I look forward to the possibility of working with them again in the future.


Now a little about their ceremony.

Jenn and Wayne Had a beautiful Ceremony in one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen.  It was so Natural and untamed.  I love out door ceremonies they seem so organic and special to me.  They almost feel more Freeing.  Being surrounded by nature, trees russling in the breeze, birds singing and the breeze gently caressing your skin, is so much a part of my childhood memories that it makes this couples ceremony so much closer to my heart.  

Jenn had incorporated many of her and Waynes Native traditions and symbols into the ceremony.  I had never photographed a Ceremony like this before so I had asked for her to explain some of the Symbols to me in advance so that I could capture every meaningful moment in this ceremony.  I will explain some of them here.

 Wayne was going to start a fire but there was a fire ban on boo hiss.  It was being used as a way to bring in the couples loved ones who had gone on before them.  Tobacco was to be added to the  fire to thank the Creator for the day and  fire is a good way to remember those who have gone on.  Some say it will make it easier for them to connect with the couple as well. Similar to lighting a candle in more familiar Wedding Ceremonies  but more intense.

The Blanket comes from a more traditional native ceremony, more of a symbol that the couple is together now.

They turned to the  4 directions and said hello, with their wrists tied together with the colours of the 4 directions (black, red, yellow, white). 

There were 2 little girls handing out blueberries at the ceremony-  berries are one of the first gifts given to us by the Creator so it's like we're giving to the people when we share them as well.

I was very honored to be asked to photograph a ceremony so rich in traditions and ceremonies.  I Love being able to witness such an intimate moment and capture it all for the couple to look back on in the future.  Learning about other cultures traditions is so interesting to me. 

Well with that introduction here are a few of my Favorite Images from their Wedding Day.